1-Pure CSS Progress Bar

Two years ago, we have built a Javascript Progress Bar. Now, would you like a Pure CSS Progress Bar which requires one image for background stripes only? With simple Javascript for animation, it turned into a really simple and slick progress bar which you can use it anywhere on your website.

Pure CSS Progress Bar is best viewed in a Webkit based browser, Chrome is good, also Safari. Opera 10.62 looks quite good. Firefox and IE 9 kind of work (no animations). IE 8, 7 and 6 do not support rounding, shadows or animation.

2-Animated progress bar

CSS Globe has a chic animated progress bar built with CSS and an animated GIF file.

It is simply an EM tag above an animated GIF file which is blocking the part of the GIF file to creating the progress bar stop effect.

As this progress bar is only a visual trick, it can not show a "live" progress but only a static one which the percentage of progress to be shown was defined before the page is loaded.

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Photo Zoom Out Effect with jQuery

Today we will show you how to create a simple image zoom out effect with jQuery. The idea is show some images which are zoomed in initially and when hovering over an image it gets zoomed out. This effect could be used in photography websites or image galleries. Our example uses some black and white images to focus on the effect.


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1. Firebug Lite

Firebug commonly available for Firefox browser but what can you do if you want to use Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari?

Insert a JavaScript file into your demanding browser page to imitate the feature and not made any interruption with HTML elements that is not designed itself.

2. IE tab

IE tab transfer the power to your browser to open any website in a dedicated tab that is not running in Chrome anywhere. You can ensure about your website for those millions of internet users who are not currently active on other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera. More...

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There are thousands of free icon sets out there, and every other day we see new sets being released by the design community. In fact, Smashing Magazine has been releasing icon sets for years now, too. But today’s release is particularly important. Over the last 1.5 years, Oliver Twardowski was designing and preparing an “ultimate web designer’s icon set” exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Smashing Magazine release the third, final version of the set, an extensive pack with over 750 free icons (48×48px) for designers and Web developers. The .PSD-sources are available for free download as well.

The set consists of web application icons, user interface icons, e-commerce icons, general use icons, desktop icons, blog icons, smiley icons, button icons, keyboard icons, national flags icons, popular online services icons and many others.


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It is important for graphic designers to know from where to download icons, these icons would be better if they were designed by skilled folk to save your time.

Here I have selected 5 great resources where you can download icons for free.

1- Iconfinder


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We all know that php is one of the leading web development languages out there, so I would like to offer a series of lessons for php that could help php developers to achieve their own certification from ZEND.

Since resources for ZEND certification are not that much all over the internet I am going to start this series to help developer.

For more information about this series topics check out this URL : http://www.zend.com/services/certification/php-5-certification/


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