.less (pronounced dot-less) is a .NET port of the ruby LESS library. It allows you to write regular CSS with your .NET apps, then add a few variables, mixins and nested rules. In order to use dot-less you need .NET 3.5 or above.

Using dot-less in your project is a breeze; all you need to do is include reference to it in your project and add few entries in your web.config file. To get started simply reference your LESS files the same way as you would any other CSS file, just ensure that you use the .LESS extension.


  • Supports Variables, Mixins, Nested Rules and Operators
  • Provides useful Functions which are called using the normal CSS function syntax
  • Supports Namespaces enabling you to group variables or mixins, for organizational purposes, or just to offer some encapsulation
  • Supports Scope – similar to that of programming languages
  • Both block and inline comments are authorized
  • Provides command line tool to compile .less file into .css
  • Also comes with an option to watch your .less files for any change, and recompile it automatically

Ported by Christopher Owen, Erik van Brakel, Daniel Hoelbling  and James Foster; .LESS is available for download under Apache License.  You can find further information, documentation & download on .LESS CSS Website.

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