Quizzy is an open Source PHP and AJAX based quiz library. It allows you to quickly and easily add multiple-choice quizzes to your website. All the quiz data is based on XML so making quizzes is very easy. Quizzy has been tested in IE 6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari 4+, Opera 8+, and Konqueror.

Quizzy only requires PHP5 and jQuery to work. Setting up and customizing Quizzy is fairly easy; you can use quizzyBuilder (an online tool to setup your quizzes) and customize it by simply editing quizzyConfig.js and quizzyConfig.php files.



  • Each option can have a unique block of text to explain the scoring to the user
  • You can add pictures to the quiz description, the question text, and any explanation
  • You aren’t limited to true or false questions. You can assign an arbitrary number of points to each option
  • You can add as many questions as you’d like
  • You can also use the quizzyBuilder to make a quiz graphically
  • Features a robust scoring system where you can define grades and ranks
  • You can even add a unique picture for each rank
  • As many quizzes as you want from as many xml files you want

Published under: Framework | GPL License

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