Sencha Touch allows your web apps to look and feel like native apps. Beautiful user interface components and rich data management, all powered by the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards and ready for Android and Apple iOS devices. Keep them web-based or wrap them for distribution on mobile app stores.

Sencha Touch provides you with many features including:

  • Bind non-standard touch events to your elements like tap, doubletap, swipe, pinch, and rotate to create amazing interactions.
  • Load data from AJAX, YQL, or JSONp, bind it to visual components, then take your data offline with localStorage.
  • Discover a user's location and display nearby points of interest in our Google Maps component.
  • Sencha Touch is built with web standard HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, making it a very flexible mobile app framework.
  • Easily shift theme coloring, add style, and use our pre-included icons to deliver a phenomenal visual experience.
  • Animate between views using one of our many predefined animations, with loads of configuration options.

Published under: Framework | GPL License

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